Vertical Vodavi STS Telephone Station Relocation

Vodavi STS Station Relocate

The Station Relocation Feature allows you to dial a code followed by the old station number to bring all the station attributes including extension number, button mapping, speed dial, and class of service to the new location.


1. Unplug the phone from the old location.  Do not plug another phone into this jack yet.


2. Plug the same phone into the jack at the new location.  Note: the jack must be connected to an active port on the phone system.


3. When the phone display shows the time and date, dial 636 followed by the three digit extension number of the station being relocated.  Once this is done, all attributes are copied to the current station.


If needed, you can now plug a phone into the original jack.  Repeat steps 1-3 for each station being relocated.