Software Company

These pictures are from a Software Development Company that North Florida Communications provided all of the low voltage cabling.  We provided:


Structured Cabling for a 35,000 square feet building

     160 Cubicles

     753 Jacks

     Over 200,000 feet of Wire

Design and Specifications

Equipment Room

     11 New Racks

     8 Existing Racks

Also provided Copper & Fiber Backbone Cable, Video Projector Installation


This pictures is of the main Equipment Room (ER) two-post racks.  This picture was taken after the wires had been terminated, but before the phone system and switches had been installed. 



These are the 4-post racks located in the ER before the IT Techs installed their servers.




These racks make up the Telecommunications Room (TR).  This TR provides service to approximately 10,000 square feet of the building.  The picture was taken before the switches had been patched through.




Here are some pictures of the ER Racks after the phone system and switches had been installed and patched through.  North Florida Communications was contracted to patch all of the phone system and network cabling from end-to-end. Notice the use of cable management.

P4030014  P4030015  P4030017   P4030016  P4030018


These pictures are from the TR after the switches and phone jacks had been patched.

P4030042  P4030043

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