Buying a Telephone System Doesn't Have to Be Like Buying a Car

My oldest son recently turned 16 and now has his drivers license. He’s a typical teenager with many activities.  He plays in the school band, is active in church, works out several days a week at the gym, and sometimes has time for a job.  We decided to purchase a used car for him so that he can drive himself to school and other places.  When I say “used car” I mean something cheap with a good engine.

No offense to any car salespeople, but I despise buying cars.  Like many of you, I simply see automobiles as a tool.  A tool used to transport me, my family, my employees and my tools from Point A to Point B.  We do not update vehicles every year, but we tend to run them until the wheels fall off.  So, to me buying a car is something that must be done, a chore, not a joyous occasion.

To make matters worse, I always think people are trying to rip me off when I buy a car.  Now, I’ve gotten some good deals over the years, at least I think I have, but do you ever really know?  Trying to find a cheap reliable car for my son had to be the worst buying experience I’ve had.  I really could not make up the events we encountered trying to find a decent car.  Everything from the car we went to look at had “just been sold, but we have this one that is only twice as much” to a guy who didn’t actually own the car and gave us an address to an apartment complex at which he did not live.

Why am I writing about this on my “Communication Ponderings” blog?  I just want you to know that buying a telephone system from North Florida Communications for your Jacksonville, Gainesville, or Ocala, Florida Business will not be such an ordeal.  We’ll be honest with you, with no pressure and we’ll be here to stand behind your purchase. (We’ve been selling and servicing business telephone systems in North Florida since 1990)

When we give you a quote, it will have the exact amount you’ll need to pay.  We’ll include telephones, control equipment, lightning protection, battery backup, installation and training.  To make sure you know the exact amount you’ll need to pay, we also include sales tax on our quotes.

Most of our competitors do not include sales tax  on their quotes, which often makes our prices look higher. Many of them do not include battery backups or lightning protection for your phone system either.  We could leave those items out of our quotes as well, and then hit you up for more money later, but is that the kind of company you want to do business with?

If you need a new business telephone system in the North Florida area, why don’t you contact us and see how easy the buying process can be?  You can even fill out this form to get started.

Larry Nazworth

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