Who’s the Best Dial Tone Provider?

In today’s economy, business owners and managers are looking to save money wherever possible, including with their business telephone service provider.  Naturally, people want to know who provides the best combination of service, quality and price.  The answer isn’t always simple.
Obviously, the first part of the answer will come from who can provide phone service (dial tone) to your business.  If you’re in Gainesville, you can get telephone service from AT&T and Cox cable.  Ocala can easily get dial tone from CenturyLink or Cox.  Jacksonville has AT&T and Comcast.  Did you know there are other companies that can provide business telephone service in these Florida cities at very cost effective rates?  Windstream and Earthlink are a couple that come to mind.
After we know your location, the next determining factor for finding the best telephone service is  knowing how many lines you need. What type of lines (POTS, PRI, SIP, etc), and what type of internet speed you require.  We’ll also need to know about your long distance needs.
After these questions are answered, an experienced consultant can steer you to the right telephone service provider for your small business.  Not what package one company provides, but what package, with which provider is best for you!
The price for this service?  It’s free.  Contact us today!

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