Minimize Telephone Mediocrity

Greetings! I hope things are going well for you.  Hopefully you had a great summer, both personally and in your business.  During my summer reading I came across a great tip for using the telephone more effectively.

In his book, Success Is Not An Accident, Tommy Newberry suggest 5 ways to control your phones calls.

Minimize Telephone Mediocrity

  • Before you call, jot down the points you want to cover.
  • Be prepared to cut off the conversation quickly by acknowledging how busy you know the other person is.
  • Do easy, mindless jobs while on the phone, such as signing letters or organizing your desk.
  • When possible, check you messages and return all necessary calls at the same time.  Limit phone usage to a couple of specific periods during the day.  You''ll immediately become aware of the extra time and mental energy this frees up.
  • Practice the phone-management Golden Rule: When you call someone else, value their time by asking, "Is this a good time?"  Don''t assume they have time to talk to you, and never interrupt simply because you want to chat.

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Those are great suggestions from Mr. Newberry.  He's a great "life coach" and terrific author.

Success Is Not An Accident, and neither is a well running telephone system.  If you need help with your business telephone system, network cabling, or background music system, I hope you will contact us at North Florida Communications.


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