Small Business - Serving Small Business

Small Business - Serving Small Business


Since our founding in 1990, North Florida Communications has focused primarily on providing communications solutions for Small Businesses in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala and surrounding areas.  Our bread and butter is providing business telephone systems and network cabling for small companies.

Now, I must confess, over the years we have tried to gain business from larger corporations, universities and local, state and federal governments.  We’ve performed sub-contracting for companies that service most all of the major retailers.  We’ve done work for all forms of government.  We discovered long ago, that it’s just not for us.

Our goal is to provide the best communications solutions for smaller companies.  We can’t provide the best service if we have to be the lowest bidder. We can’t train a user how to best use their phone system, if there is someone looking over our shoulder with a stop-watch, only looking at the bottom line.  Frankly, we don’t like working for big business.  We don’t want to work for large retail contractors who require you to be on hold for longer than you work.  Our most satisfying work is with small business.

Our typical customer is a small business with 5-50 employees.  They’re companies who care about professionalism, not just the bottom line.  Our customers are business owners and managers who understand that their phone system and their network, are vital to their business operation.  They want the equipment to work, and for people to stand behind it when a problem arises.

We enjoy working with other small businesses.  We enjoy the relationships we build with our customers, some who we’ve worked with for over two decades.

Small business telephone systems and network cabling…that’s what we do.

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